Šuran - Biodynamic Wines

O.P.G. Šuran
May 2021
Branding, Packaging

OPG Šuran has been producing and selling ecological wine and olive oil since the ‘90s. Then they started ‘bulk’ production and switched to biodynamic cultivation. Such ecological approach to agriculture entails creation of a balanced eco-system for the purpose of self-sustainability. Consequently, biodynamic wines are produced from grapes that have not been treated with chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. Our task was to design a premium organic wine and to adapt it to this specific production approach.

Šuran - Biodynamic Wines-2
Šuran - Biodynamic Wines-3
Šuran - Biodynamic Wines-3

The idea behind our label is based on this most important characteristic of biodynamic agriculture – enriching the soil with natural preparations which significantly increase the microbiological activity of the soil. For this reason, we chose to present this microbiological activity on our label with a cross section of the soil. In our design, microorganisms have been represented by letters, which form a text written by Italian scientist, researcher, and activist, Carlo Petrini. In the quote used on the label, Petrini calls for environmental awareness, criticising mass production of food. In order to illustrate the invisible process of increased soil activity caused by microorganisms, we reduced the size of the text to a minimum, making it invisible to the naked eye. However, in order to point out its interest and significance, we offered a magnifying glass built into the lid of a specially designed packaging which contains the bottle. This way, the lid instantly becomes a simple tool which invites the consumer to interact and turns him into a curious explorer discovering important, exciting, but also hidden truths and values of biodynamic farming.

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Šuran - Biodynamic Wines-6

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