Mixed-use Route Štrika Ferata

Turistička zajednica grada Rovinja-Rovigno
September 2022

The Kanfanar-Rovinj railway line stretched for 20,561 m and connected the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy's economic centers with the town of Rovinj, then a strong industrial center. The first train from Kanfanar arrived in Rovinj on August 19, 1876, and the railway was in use until October 20, 1966. This line is now a bicycle/pedestrian path called Štrika (as the Istrians from Kanfanar call it) Ferata (as the Italians from Rovinj call it).

Mixed-use Route Štrika Ferata-2

The idea of the visual identity is based on the presentation of the railway as the main element since it is still in function, but a different one. The font turns into wooden beams as part of the rail tracks. They become a text that evokes the railway's previous existence and tells us about its new purpose through the route's name itself. In the further development of the identity, it can be replaced by another text or signalization.

Mixed-use Route Štrika Ferata-4
Mixed-use Route Štrika Ferata-4
Mixed-use Route Štrika Ferata-5
Mixed-use Route Štrika Ferata-6

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