V Level - Valamar service concept

May 2018

V level represents a service of Valamar tourism company, one of the leaders in Europe that creates an authentic experience for its guests. This service concept combines exclusive benefits and personalized services used to enrich the guest’s experience at the highest quality level. From the check-in to the checkout the guests enjoy “elevated” status. Our task was to conceptualize and design the visual identity of the aforementioned service concept.

V Level - Valamar service concept-2
V Level - Valamar service concept-3

The conceptualized visual identity and its elaboration represent visual articulation of the top quality service that the guest receives with V level service concept. The elevated arm of the letter V actually simulates the positioning of the guest and the services being provided to the guest by Valamar to an elevated level. The primary colors we have used in our design are black and matte gold, and the secondary color is gold. We used it in the letter V itself to highlight the service.

V Level - Valamar service concept-5
V Level - Valamar service concept-6
V Level - Valamar service concept-7

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