Villas Holiday - pick. stay. enjoy.

Villas Holiday
June 2023

Based in Novigrad, Villas Holiday is a web platform specialized in providing holiday service by offering top quality villas in Croatia. In addition to including only topnotch villas, the platform shares information about the local area, highlighting top experiences in Croatia, so that the guests can fully enjoy their stay. Our task was to come up with a name and positioning slogan, as well as the design of the brand's visual identity.

Villas Holiday - pick. stay. enjoy.-2
Villas Holiday - pick. stay. enjoy.-2

We created a fresh design for the brand’s visual identity, specifically the logo, using the initial letter "V" as the inspiration. This letter repeats itself to form a circle that implies the sun, while at the same time the lower part of the letter resembles an arrow, pointing towards the center. The arrow gives the impression that we have found what we were looking for, and it’s right there, while multiple arrows circling the center and pointing at it, highlight that the best option has been discovered. The tagline "pick.stay.enjoy" conveys simplicity, such as how simple it is to use this site.

Villas Holiday - pick. stay. enjoy.-4
Villas Holiday - pick. stay. enjoy.-5
Villas Holiday - pick. stay. enjoy.-5
Villas Holiday - pick. stay. enjoy.-6

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