Veralda - Full of Nature

August 2023
Branding, Packaging

Veralda is a renowned Croatian winemaker, the only one with his own vineyards and cellar at the same site, in the area of the Buje hills, the ideal place for cultivating vines in Istria. This is also Veralda’s most important quality. Its name not only refers to the brand, but also to the region in which it is located. Our task was to come up with a concept and graphic solution for the redesign of Veralda’s visual identity.

Veralda - Full of Nature-2
Veralda - Full of Nature-3
Veralda - Full of Nature-3

While updating the brand's visual identity, we tried to highlight Veralda's key traits, such as the location of the vineyard and cellars and living and working in the same place for generations. Since the letter “V” is shaped like the Istrian peninsula, we marked Veralda's position in the upper left corner of the letter, just as it is geographically located in the north of Istria. In the place of the letter “V” on the label’s back, there’s a stylized map of Istria. Additionally, plots are used to depict the area from above in a micro perspective, with the space between them serving as a window through which the wine may be seen. In this case, the wine unites various parcels, tying them geographically and familially under the Veralda name.

Veralda - Full of Nature-5
Veralda - Full of Nature-6
Veralda - Full of Nature-7
Veralda - Full of Nature-7
Veralda - Full of Nature-8
Veralda - Full of Nature-9

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