City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno

Grad Rovinj - Rovigno
May 2023
Branding, Signage & Environment

The Rovinj’s swimming pool complex is located right next to the sea, within the “Prim. Dr. Martin Horvat” Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Hospital. It extends over 3,637 square meters and consists of a sports and spa area, making it the largest investment in sports infrastructure in the history of Rovinj. Our task was to design the visual identity and signaling of the newly opened swimming pool in this Istrian town known for its unique skyline.

City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-2
City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-3
City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-3
City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-4

One of the characteristics of the pool is its large glass wall overlooking the sea, which is only a few meters away. In a certain way, this visually combines the experience of going to the sea or the pool. A towel is an important item, both on the beach and at the pool, so we used it as a leitmotif. Through stylization, it is present on all parts of the signaling by hanging from the ceiling, sideways, or from the tiles. Each icon has its own color, which brings variety and liveliness to the previously neutral space. This towel is classic, with horizontal lines, serving as a base for placing graphic elements. Our signaling celebrates its city by reminding of its iconic “tiramols” (place where laundry is dried - stretched between buildings).

City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-6
City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-7
City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-8
City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-8
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City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-10
City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-11
City Pool Rovinj - Rovigno-11
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