Pula-Pola city pools

Pula Sport
October 2018
Branding, Signage & Environment

Pula City pools are much anticipated public swimming pools opened in 2018 for swimming and water-polo clubs, as well as the citizens of Pula. The complex of 5900 square meters consists of a swimming pool for water-polo and swimming, multifunctional and children’s pool, fitness halls, a café, and a sports shop is soon to be opened. Our task was to conceptualize and design the visual identity of the pool, as well as the inside and outside signalization of the complex.

Pula-Pola city pools-2
Pula-Pola city pools-2
Pula-Pola city pools-3

The identity concept is based on our conversations with professional and recreational swimmers who have given us the idea about a line. It has become our guiding principle, just like the line on the bottom of the pool guides the swimmer towards the finish line. Upon entering the building, the visitor is going to be guided by signalization to the main hall that connects the lobby with the other pool facilities. Along the hall there is a stylized line in the shape of water that serves as a basis for showing different illustrations from the pool. These are “animated” versions of the icons that are normally being used when marking building facilities. Besides that, the information about the water depth has been integrated in a big illustration of the most prominent sites of Pula. While the visitors are passing through the building, they witness the “evolution” of the sign purpose – from the strictly functional one, to the one that makes the whole space alive.

Pula-Pola city pools-5
Pula-Pola city pools-6
Pula-Pola city pools-6
Pula-Pola city pools-7
Pula-Pola city pools-8

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