Latini - Extra virgin olive oil

Latini Taste Local
December 2018
Branding, Packaging

“Latini” are a local family farm in central Istria. They produce different agricultural products – from olive oil and vinegar to different products made from fruit, such as marmalade and juice. Our task was to conceptualize and design the visual concept of this brand, but also the bottle packaging for olive oil, our client’s most important product.

Latini - Extra virgin olive oil-2
Latini - Extra virgin olive oil-2
Latini - Extra virgin olive oil-3

In order for the “Latini” oil to get its historical context, we have decided to use design to tell a century-old story of the farm that started in 1880 when uncle Tone was making a living in the olive orchards of Istrian Italians, called Latins. One day he got a checked shirt, quite untypical of that time, as his daily wage, and this is why the locals decided to call his family Latini. 140 years later his successors, who are olive orchard owners themselves, named the brand of their indigenous olive oil Latini to honor their beloved ancestor and the family’s nickname. This is why we have decided to dress the olive oil bottle in a green checked shirt and therefore turn it into a portrait of the distant ancestor. The originality of the product is being emphasized by a label tucked into the shirt pocket, with the family story written on it.

Latini - Extra virgin olive oil-5
Latini - Extra virgin olive oil-6

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