Franc Arman - It's Time for Your Time

Franc Arman
May 2023
Branding, Packaging

The history of the Franc Arman Winery dates back to 1850, when the ancestors of the Arman family began growing vines in the village of Narduči near Vižinada. Respecting the centuries-old knowledge, excellent winemakers Franc and Oliver continued to nurture this tradition with equal passion. Today, the winery produces top quality wines, such as Teran Barrique, a limited edition red wine made from hand-picked grapes. Our task was to find a conceptual solution and design the packaging of this special wine.

Franc Arman - It's Time for Your Time-2
Franc Arman - It's Time for Your Time-2

Wines, in particular the red ones like Teran, age better with time. However, due to impatience and lack of experience, many open their Teran bottles too early. This special edition, whose defining feature lies in its traditional way of aging, requires patience. That’s why we locked the Teran Barrique bottle in a box, making it inaccessible for consumption. Only a cut-out inscription on the box provides a glimpse of its contents. The wine is given time to age completely, while the owner learns over time. An app accessible through a QR code on the box will send weekly notifications over a longer period of time, educating the owner on the history of oenology and the beauty of winemaking. When it’s time, the app sends the code which opens the box. Upon opening, the wine enthusiast will be greeted with the words “It’s time for your time”.

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Franc Arman - It's Time for Your Time-5
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