Teen - Valamar service concept

June 2018

Valamar tourism company which has been developing in the Croatian market for more than 60 years, and as such represents the leader in holiday tourism, has introduced a new service, “Teen”. It is intended for the generation that still spends summer holidays with their parents, but at the same time they have the need for individual exploration and expression. Our task was to conceptualize and design the visual identity of this service concept.

Teen - Valamar service concept-2
Teen - Valamar service concept-3

The presented visual identity has its base in graphite art rooted in the beginning of the 80s, and today it is considered to be kind of “mainstream” from the aspect of visual expression. When they first appeared, graphite artists showed something new, different, and extremely creative while they were at the same time expressing rebellion without violence, exclusively by visual expression. This is how they used to identify and clearly mark their territory. We can find all those characteristics in today’s Teen generation. We used the visual identity to “mark the territory” dedicated to teen generation by “desecrating” each common inscription with a graffiti “teen”, letting them know that this is their spot, that they have passed through and left their trace.

Teen - Valamar service concept-5
Teen - Valamar service concept-6

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