Istria, a champion's playground

Turistička zajednica Istarske županije
September 2019

The tourist board of Istria County is a public non-profit organization that conglomerates tourist boards of Istria. Its activities include improvement of tourists’ stay, promotion, preservation and improvement of the tourist product, raising awareness about the importance and effects of tourism, with a focus on protection of environment. In 2018 they signed a 3- year partner agreement about sponsorship with FC Bayern München. Our task was to conceptualize a campaign for the German market, while meeting the criteria of the sponsor.

Istria, a champion's playground-2
Istria, a champion's playground-3

Even though the campaign visuals were supposed to show certain footballers as one of the sponsor’s conditions, we still wanted them to differ from common sports or sponsor visuals. At the same time we wanted to give special attention to the authenticity when advertising the destination itself. The campaign is designed in a way that it shows football players during their activity, from running to performing different exercises at the original location, e.g. a stadium or a gym and then we connected that with the location of the advertised destination. Through the connection with the destination we have tried to show the advantages and benefits which a football player or a potential visitor can enjoy.

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Istria, a champion's playground-6
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