BMW 'Let's Mini'

February 2009

Before establishing the Tumpić/Prenc Studio, Anselmo Tumpić, its creative director and co-founder, designed the “Let’s Mini” campaign for BMW’s Mini. Mini is a line of smaller cars produced by the German car company BMW. These cars are distinguished by their dynamism as well as their simplicity of driving, which is often compared to the "go cart feeling". The campaign's purpose was to depict the car precisely as it was - simple and enjoyable, like a game.

BMW 'Let's Mini'-2
BMW 'Let's Mini'-2
BMW 'Let's Mini'-3

The main idea, i.e. the headline of the campaign is “Let’s Mini” which was used to show the fun experience of driving this car, an experience that is not far from playing video games. In the video we can see two men driving along an empty, completely straight desert road. Even though there are absolutely no obstacles on the road, they inexplicably drive in a zigzag fashion. Suddenly, an insect hits the windshield and leaves a big smear. At that point, the co-driver declares: “Game over! I’m so sorry – now it’s my turn.” This is when we understand the unusual driving style. Two friends were in fact playing a game of avoiding mosquitoes on a straight desert road.

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