Aqua Maris - No microplastics, no worries

JGL - Aqua Maris
May 2023

JGL develops innovative pharmaceutical products such as Aqua Maris, a line of natural products based on Adriatic seawater. Purity is ensured by drawing the water from a depth of 20 meters near Croatia's Northern Velebit National Park. Aqua Maris products are the first and only ones free of microplastics, and our task was to create a campaign that would communicate this, including all ATL and BTL materials.

Aqua Maris - No microplastics, no worries-2
Aqua Maris - No microplastics, no worries-2

Because microplastics are so tiny that they are undetectable to our sight, we often fail to notice them. This is why we wanted to challenge people to consider whether they would notice it if it was larger than they actually are. Three scenes are featured in the TV commercial and print campaign. Each one presents a slightly bizarre setting in which an object is displayed outside of its native environment, which disturbs the protagonists. In this situation, for example, the swan for the beach is in the bathtub, the zorbing ball for playing in nature is in the living room, and the bouncy castle is blocking the house's door. Although the scenes follow different scenarios and characters, they share a common thread in that each poses the essential question "If microplastics were this big, would they bother us?" while emphasizing that Aqua Maris is the first and only spray free of microplastics.

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