BMW Serie 3 Touring

February 2008

Before establishing the Tumpić/Prenc Studio, Anselmo Tumpić, its creative director and co-founder, designed the campaign for a new BMW series. BMW Serie 3 touring has been introduced as the most advanced tool that makes our movement and experimenting through life easier. The car is designed for longer journeys, and the ad is based on the idea of a journey that is not just physical, but also mental, or emotional. The campaign's concept was to create a journey, but this time through life.

BMW Serie 3 Touring-2
BMW Serie 3 Touring-3

The car is intended for all the people who experience their life through constant discoveries and explorations of new areas of life. Instead of classic inscriptions that are commonly found on traffic signs, the protagonist makes life decisions at the crossroads. Those life decisions are being written on traffic signaling that guides them through life/the road. The driver always chooses the less safe path that is still new and undiscovered. Maybe this path is more difficult, but it is certainly more exciting. In the end, when faced with the choice between “great love” and a “new adventure”, the protagonist is forced to stop for a moment and think… At that point he or she turns on the four-way flashers. The drivers of BMW serie 3 Touring have been presented as people who bravely embark on a new life journey and in the moment of indecisiveness stop and switch on their feelings.

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