You can reduce plastic waste. They cannot.

September 2020

aMORE is a festival entirely dedicated to the sea. By combining science and art it tries to draw attention to the environmental, social, economic and cultural significance of seas and oceans, as well as to the causes of their degradation. Furthermore, the festival wants to help in raising public awareness and improvement of relationships that the local community, visitors and tourists nurture with the sea. The point of the festival is preservation of seas and oceans and our task was to conceptualize a visual on the topic of saving the sea from plastic.

You can reduce plastic waste. They cannot.-2
You can reduce plastic waste. They cannot.-3

Plastic is an incredible material without which our life would be unimaginable. Unfortunately, seas and oceans also do not know the world without plastic. A staggering amount of 9 million tons of plastic waste ends up in oceans every year which consequently kills around 100.000 marine mammals and turtles. In order to achieve our goal we have chosen a whale as the symbol of suffering of the marine world. Our whale exhales pieces of plastic waste instead of air and water – this way it shows that for marine animals that live in polluted waters plastic is not a matter of choice. They cannot fight against the plastic we make, while for us it is merely a question of choice. The time has come for responsible production and consumption, while the only possible solution is life in accordance with nature.

You can reduce plastic waste. They cannot.-5
You can reduce plastic waste. They cannot.-6

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