Lab Bel - Ten years

Lab Bel
July 2021
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Lab’Bel is an artistic laboratory of the Bel Group from France whose goal is to develop a collection of modern art and generate art exhibitions and events in the country and in Europe, something it has been actively working on since 2010. It bases its identity on humor, eclecticism and extravagance. Our task was to conceptualize and design a book that consolidates their 10-year nomadic artistic activity.

Lab Bel - Ten years-2
Lab Bel - Ten years-3
Lab Bel - Ten years-3

Each article of the book has been inspired by different international art, architecture and cinematography magazines, which requires a different graphic composition and format. We have arranged different formats on colored, unusually big pieces of paper that resemble an over-sized post-it pad. Thereby we have turned the 10-year anniversary into just another moment of success, just a note in a prospectively long and successful lifetime of the artistic laboratory. Each book color represents another language. During the book presentation and exhibition the visitors were able to pick a color they wanted and, bit by bit, take the exhibited books in the shape of an over-sized post-it. The catalog has at the same time become the object of modern art, following the steps of pop-art that creates a surreal dimension through object augmentation.

Lab Bel - Ten years-5
Lab Bel - Ten years-6
Lab Bel - Ten years-6
Lab Bel - Ten years-7
Lab Bel - Ten years-8
Lab Bel - Ten years-8

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