Visual ethnography of Istria

Ethnographic Museum of Istria
January 2017
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Istrian Museum of Ethnography is a museum in Pazin with the holdings comprising 7500 items, mostly textile, agricultural tools, and items from everyday life in an Istrian village from the end of the 19 th and the beginning of the 20 th century, such as pottery, carpentry, blacksmith items and samples of traditional handicraft. The museum also has a large collection of souvenirs. Our task was to design a publication by Tamara Nikolić Đerić that presents the visual ethnography of Istria. 

Visual ethnography of Istria-2
Visual ethnography of Istria-3
Visual ethnography of Istria-3

The cover of the publication that uses ethnographic methods to explore Istrian culture is special because it literally and figuratively has four faces. The motifs from the covers are faces of people. To be more exact, four portraits from Istrian history obtained by reproducing their original photographs are being shown. By using the half-tone technique, we have reproduced portraits, as well as the authenticity of the people they are showing, their emotions and characteristic clothes. Since it is printed on both sides, we can get 4 covers with one jacket, depending on how we turn it.

Visual ethnography of Istria-5
Visual ethnography of Istria-6
Visual ethnography of Istria-6
Visual ethnography of Istria-7

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