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Studio Kappo
May 2023
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For 20 years, Rovinj's Studio Kappo has been offering innovative and creative solutions in the fields of landscape architecture, spatial and urban planning and environmental protection. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, we created a catalog presenting their 10 most significant realized, as well as 10 planned projects which reflect concern for the landscape, the environment, the needs of the local population, and respect for the local values. Our task was to visually design the catalog.

Kappo - Ten+Ten-2
Kappo - Ten+Ten-3
Kappo - Ten+Ten-3

Since the Studio deals exclusively with landscape architecture, we have chosen a cover that represents a relief of the region the Studio is from. According to the name of the anniversary, “10 plus 10”, the catalog itself has two covers. Once the reader reaches the middle, they are invited to turn the catalog over to start with a new category. On one side there are realized projects presented with a topographical three dimensional representation, and on the other side, there are planned projects presented only with a topographical plan. The numbering of the projects is so enlarged that it resembles paths or tracks, as in urban projects. The catalog, once read and put away, takes over the role of the topographic representation itself.

Kappo - Ten+Ten-5
Kappo - Ten+Ten-6
Kappo - Ten+Ten-7
Kappo - Ten+Ten-7
Kappo - Ten+Ten-8
Kappo - Ten+Ten-9
Kappo - Ten+Ten-10
Kappo - Ten+Ten-10

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