Multimedia Exhibition In Castle Morosini-Grimani

The Svetvinčenat Municipality
July 2021
Interactive exhibitions

Castle Morosini-Grimani is part of the rich history and cultural heritage of Svetvinčenat, a small town close to Vodnjan. The first record of the town originates from the 9 th century when it was mentioned in the Otonall document as a property of the bishop of Poreč. Ever since then this place has been a real small Mediterranean center of culture and art and has as such been receiving a lot of visitors. Our task was to conceptualize and realize the center’s exhibition for the visitors of this castle.

Multimedia Exhibition In Castle Morosini-Grimani-2

The multimedia exhibition is based on perception and interpretation of the key historical events in the architectural and social development of the Castle, i.e. the whole Svetvinčenat. Starting from the earliest reference to the site in the sense of an inhabited unit, to the peak of Morosini and Grimani families’ power when they made the Castle look as we know it today, the exhibition places the “small Istrian history” into a wider social political European context. Accompanied by people who had had a profound impact on the local history, visitors will get to know the exciting history of Svetvinčenat through interactive time travel.

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The historical visuals intersect with the displays and are partially pixelated, thus symbolizing the transformation of historical content into an interactive and easily comprehensible past of Svetvinčenat for visitors. Historical three-dimensional objects, such as the throne or picture frames, which could not be visually interpreted due to the lack of historical data, were also pixelated, thus hinting at their possible form at that time.

Multimedia Exhibition In Castle Morosini-Grimani-6
Multimedia Exhibition In Castle Morosini-Grimani-6

Morosini-Grimani Castle, the most expressive symbol of Svetvinčenat, has changed numerous owners, functions and appearance throughout its long history, which is reflected in the first point on its model. Through 3D mapping technology, various phases and appearances of the castle are projected: from fire and destruction during wars, to decoration.

Multimedia Exhibition In Castle Morosini-Grimani-8
Multimedia Exhibition In Castle Morosini-Grimani-8

The Middle Ages witnessed the establishment of the Inquisition, and Mare Radolović became a symbol of the marginalized, forgotten and misunderstood in Istria. She was hanged and burned because of the accusation that she killed the sick daughter of a prominent citizen of SvetvinËenat with a kiss. At this point, the visitor is invited to experience the injustice of burning Mara at the column through augmented reality on the screen opposite the column.

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Morosina Morosini (1545 – 1614) was a Venetian noblewoman and one of the most famous Dogaressa family of castle owners at the time. Her coronation on May 4, 1597 was an important ceremony in which Venice made a magnificent display of wealth and power. This point places the visitor on the throne where, through augmented reality, he sees himself on the opposite screen in the company of Dogaresse or Doge.

Multimedia Exhibition In Castle Morosini-Grimani-12
Multimedia Exhibition In Castle Morosini-Grimani-12

In 1586, the castle caught fire, most likely from the kitchen on the first floor of the palace. The palace was rebuilt from that level, and we call the “new” part the annex. The next point is at the entrance to the annex, because the fire is responsible for its construction. The visitor experiences the fire by watching the wooden beams gradually catch fire under his feet, and the kitchen can be seen coming from it.

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The popular tilting of the ring in Svetvinčenat is evidenced by a document from 1713, according to which it was held annually with a mass celebration on June 24, the feast of St. John the Baptist. Arriving at this point, the visitor through virtual reality glasses becomes a participant in the race, along with the reconstruction of the entire settlement.

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Archaeological research has proven the presence of slag remains as a by-product of iron smelting in the ground floor of the castle, where, it is assumed, the forge was located. Here the visitor has the opportunity to try his hand at forging. On the horizontal monitor he is forging a sword, and on the vertical monitor he sees himself with a forged sword. Depending on the skill of the virtual blacksmith, the sword can turn out with precise lines or crooked.

Multimedia Exhibition In Castle Morosini-Grimani-18

Svetvinčenat, although a feudal estate, according to the Venetian territorial system, belonged to the castles managed by the captain on behalf of the Grimani family, and he was assisted by other persons in charge, for example the chancellor. At the last point, the portraits of Morosina Morosini, the captain and the chancellor come to life and communicate with each other, and the dialogues are based on their original letters from the end of the 16th to the first years of the 17th century.

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